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Tea, Texting and Toilet Paper: The Art of Modern Hosting

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With homes across the UK getting smaller*, new research by Hygena, the modern furniture brand for modern homes, finds that the art of hosting friends and family has changed dramatically.

Many modern Brits avoid the act of hosting altogether as they fear their houses are just too tiny. One in four (22 per cent) are simply too embarrassed about the size of their homes to invite friends over.

However, for those happy to host, Monica Geller-type etiquette and Downton-style dinner parties are the least of their worries. Good hospitality in 2013 requires an abundance of tea and toilet roll, and far less texting.

An unhappy half of Brits find it hard to separate the host from their phone found Hygena: 54 per cent of guests get annoyed by constant texting or calls during their visit.

Meanwhile, nothing causes more dismay than a lack of loo roll. In fact, a readily available supply of toilet roll is considered a must for the majority of female guests (54 per cent).

Equally, the nation expects tea on tap with two fifths (42 per cent) wanting a hot drink as soon as they step inside a good host’s home. However, it isn’t just a hot cuppa on the list of guests’ requests, lack of heating causes upset for 50 per cent of people.

The study, by Hygena, of over 2,000 Brits, has uncovered the top 10 musts for today’s host:

Hygena’s top 10 tips for modern hosts

  • Move away from the mobile: too much texting on the phone or playing with a tablet upsets 54 per cent of guests
  • Load up on loo roll: 45 per cent of guests expect an abundance of toilet paper
  • Avoid PDA’s: 43 per cent of visitors cringe at couples’ public displays of affection
  • Be a host, not a ghost: 42 per cent of guests complained that their hosts leave them alone for too long
  • Think drink: 36 per cent of modern guests despair at not being offered any liquid refreshments
  • Answer the door: a third of guests (36 per cent) have been left on the doorstep due to a broken doorbell or the host being out
  • Avoid an animal house: 31 per cent dread fending off their hosts’ pets, while animal hair is a bugbear for 27 per cent of guests
  • Introduce invitees: a further 31 per cent of guests dislike being left with people they don’t know – while an unfriendly fifth (19 per cent) begrudge being left to play with their hosts’ children
  • You can’t beat heat: a quarter of visitor (26 per cent) get annoyed by low temperatures
  • Don’t sock it to them: a fifth of guests (19 per cent) resent being told to take their shoes off

Hayley Gregson from Hygena said: “Hosting in 2013 shouldn’t be a hassle – create a home you enjoy and guests will be bashing the door down. The key is creating the right environment for you. Hygena’s range of furniture helps you make the most of the space you have, thanks to a range of clever space saving ideas and innovative storage pieces you’ll have more than enough room for a party.”


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