Responsible retailing

We believe that putting our responsible approach at the centre of the way we work makes corporate responsibility a daily business reality for our colleagues, customers and communities.

Benchmarking is important to us, both in terms of measuring our progress compared to previous years and our peers, but also to show our commitment to the basis of good business.


Our customers, colleagues and suppliers are important stakeholders as we cannot achieve our CR objectives without their help.

Stakeholder engagement

Here you can find out more about how we report our progress and how we manage and mitigate risk and keep abreast of changing legislation and regulatory requirements.

Reporting, regulation and risk

We believe that putting our responsible approach at the centre of the way we work makes corporate responsibility a daily business reality for our colleagues, customer and communities.

Our strategy is driven by a high-level steering group, which meets every three months under the chairmanship of our Company Secretary. The steering group also includes our Group Commercial and Supply Chain Director, Group HR Director, Director of Corporate Affairs and the Marketing Director to help represent our customers’ perspective and strengthen the links to Operating Company Materiality.


The steering group comprises:

  • Gordon Bentley (Group Company Secretary and committee chair)
  • John Walden (Group Chief Executive)
  • Maria Thompson (Group Commercial and Supply Chain Director)
  • Ella Bennett (Group HR Director)
  • Stephen Vowles (Marketing Director, Argos)
  • Chris Wermann (Director of Corporate Affairs)
  • Amy Whidburn (Head of Corporate Responsibility)
  • Megan Kitchen (Corporate Responsibility Manager)

Our Company Secretary leads the corporate responsibility agenda at Group Executive Board and plc Board in his capacity as steering group chairman. Two management groups – one focused on environmental and sourcing matters, the other on community and colleagues – provide valuable input to the steering group and have a number of specialist groups reporting to them. In addition a separate. Diversity and Inclusion steering group has been set up reporting to the Group Executive Board, to focus on this particular topic.

Our responsible business approach is coordinated by a small team of corporate responsibility specialists led by our Head of Corporate Responsibility. In stores, distribution centres and offices, our community ambassadors and waste and energy champions also play a key role in promoting and implementing our strategy.


CR Steering Group

Objectives and commitments

Find out more about our latest targets below.



Activity Area

Targets for FY17 and beyond

Building our skills and sharing them


Community and customer

Build and share our skills to positively impact 35,000 people by 2020. During FY17 donate 10,000 hours and hold 100 digital skills building sessions

Create a great place to work and shop


Diversity and inclusion

35% female senior managers by 2018 (and 40%  female by 2020)


Colleague engagement

Measure and improve colleague engagement (vs 2016 )


Colleague development and progression

Measure retention and improve internal rates of promotion into  Senior management positions


Customer satisfaction

Develop relevant customer NPS measures and improve each year

Take care of the environment and our  supply chain


Operational carbon

40% CO2 reduction per square foot by 2020 (vs 2005)



Minimise waste throughout  our business  with less  than 1% going  to landfill


Supply chain ethics

All in scope suppliers have a current valid ethical audit in place


Supply chain environmental impact

Continue to develop opportunities to support improving supplier environmental impact


Customer sustainability

Continue to identify new ways to help our customer be sustainable