Keeping clean and green

We work to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment through reduced landfill waste, increased recycling rates and implementation of energy-efficiency measures

KCAG - 94% Waste


We aim to minimise waste in our own operations and put the waste we do produce to positive use wherever possible

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KCAG - 29% Co2e

Operational carbon

Driving down the carbon emissions of our operations in relative and absolute terms, with an ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% per square foot by 2020

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Making recycling easy with in-store recycling facilities

Enabling customer sustainability

Partner with customers to enable sustainability to become part of their daily lives through relevant products and services

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Key Facts and Figures

  • 15%
    year-on-year reduction in waste sent to landfill
  • 29%
    absolute reduction in our carbon footprint since 2006
  • 94%
    of our operational waste is recycled

More information

Carrier bags

Here we provide information relating to carrier bag charges in Wales and Scotland.